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For $1500.00 per week you get:

  • 40 hours of dedicated time by me, Terry Hickman. Check out my resume to see what I have to offer.  Please note that it doesn't provide a total picture.  It's just the "action word" version.
  • I will consult with your business staff to evaluate the current hardware, software and IT operations.  Then I will provide a cost effective plan to improve the situation if necessary. 
  • I normally charge $45.00 per hour which comes out to be $1800.00 per week. This is a $300.00 discount.
  • I guarantee that if I haven't improved your situation in 3 days, I walk away and you pay nothing.

Sotware Design
IT Improvement

I will consult with you and your staff to provide you with logical, cost effect a tasteful, compelling Web Site for your Business

  • I will provide guidance and implementation of an attractive, user friendly Web Site.
  • Using Joomla!, a very cost effective Web solution, I will improve your business' Web Presence.
  • I can implement a wide variety of efficiency improvements via Web based Appointment Scheduling and Scheduling of services.

Here's a Limited Time Offer

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