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Here's What We Do
We specialize in Home and Small Office Clients.
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Our rates are reasonable.  We do house calls and Windows.

  • A service call is $50.00.  This can be applied to work performed.
  • We charge $45.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
  • We guarantee that if we can't fix the problem, the service call is the most you pay.

Sotware Design
Software Services

Web Hosting
Web Site Design
Social Media Consultation

We provide tasteful, compelling Web Sites to enhance your Business Web Presence

  • We specialize in the Joomla! Content Management System, a very cost effective Web Site solution.
  • We also can assist with your WordPress needs.

Video Services

Video Editing

Media Conversion
DVD Creation
Graphics Design

If you need Video doctored, we're a place for you. For $35.00 per hour...
  • We can edit your video
    • Put it together from your footage.
    • Add Titles.
    • Burn Master DVDs for  duplication.
  • We can create DVD content and packaging
    • Design custom DVD Labels
    • Design DVD Cases and inserts

Audio Services
Audio Editing

CD Labeling

We can do many things with audio.  The Gadgetorium was a recording studio completely installed and ran by Terry.
  • Convert Cassette Tapes to CD
  • CD Packaging Design


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