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My name is Terry Hickman and I thank you for dropping in to check out The Gadgetorium.  We provide a helping hand with the technology in your life. If your technology has a boo boo, we'll kiss it and make it better if we can and we'll tell you if we can't.  It's that simple.  One of the best thing you can have is a viable plan

Our strong point is plugging things in and making them work together.  With over 40 years experience dealing with technology of every sort, there is no fear of hardware or software here. 

When it comes to wires, bits and bytes, we have your back. 

If you have a small service oriented business, you probably don't have a full time, experienced IT staff.  We can improve your situation.  Check out our Post Labor Day SpecialLet us help you with your electrons.

Our Services Page describes what we do and how much we charge.

Contact Us.  We'll be happy to discuss your situation and formulate a reasonable solution.

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Terry Hickman, Manager
The Gadgetorium, llc

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